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Denis Reich grew up in Sydney, Australia listening to weekend top 40 with Casey Kasem and playing the clarinet. In his junior year of high school he bought a second hand guitar and chord book and started trying to play Guns N Roses songs. After struggling with that he found it easier to write his own tunes and in college recorded some demos and eventually an EP with his first band, Movida.

After moving to the US in 2000, he played with the string band "Slowpoke" in Ames Iowa where he went to graduate school before moving to Grand Junction in 2008. His 12 years in the US have lent his tunes an Alt-Country feel that speaks of love lost, gone wrong, and gone horribly wrong. A songwriter always suspicious of happy songs he has dared to pen a few uplifting tunes with mixed success. The five-track EP recorded at Aspen leaf over the winter of 2011-12 includes 3 newer tracks written since moving to Western Colorado plus one (What's 'is Name) from nearly a decade ago. A bluegrass take on The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" rounds out the playlist. Enjoy.

Denis Reich

February, 2013

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